dilluns, 19 de maig de 2014


... and the winner of the Jocs Florals Prize for Theatre in English goes to María Marroco. Congratulations.
This is her play.


A thousand of years ago, a knight called St. George went to a little village to visit his friends.

He came into the restaurant where they were.

GEORGE: John, Jake, Peter!! Hello!! How are you?

JOHN: Hi George! How did the journey go?

JAKE & PETER: Hello, friend!

GEORGE: Very good John, thanks. But it was exhausting…

They were talking along the night, until 02:00 AM.

GEORGE: Well, I have to come back to the hotel, I think I mustn’t return after 3:00, and I’m tired. See you tomorrow!

JAKE: Bye, George! We leave now too.

St George went out and came back to the hotel. But, along the way, he met with a very cute girl, and he couldn’t help spoke to her.

GEORGE: Mmm… ah… sorry, do you know where the Palass hotel is? I’m not from here and I’m lost.

The girl laughed.

GIRL (KATTY): Yes, I know! It’s in front you…

GEORGE: Oh, yes… sorry.

They laughed.

GEORGE: What’s your name?

GIRL (KATTY): I’m Katty.

GEORGE: Katty? Oh, it’s a nice name!

KATTY: Thanks, George?

GEORGE: Yes, I’m George. Why do you know my name?

KATTY: Hahaha, because it’s on your jacket’s sheet.

GEORGE: Oh, OK… that’s right… hahaha. Do you want to go to dinner together tomorrow?
KATTY: It’s a good idea! We can go to that restaurant, the food is delicious.

GEORGE: Perfect!! What time?

KATTY: 20:30 it’s OK?

GEORGE: OK, see you tomorrow.

KATTY: Bye George!! Sure? I don’t forget the promises…

GEORGE: Of course Katty!

The next day…

George is in a park and finds Peter.

PETER: Hello. How do you sleep?

GEORGE: As best as possible. Yesterday, I met a girl. She was very cute…

PETER: Wow, George is in love… What is her name?

GEORGE: Katty, my Katty…

PETER: Katty? Katty what?

GEORGE: Katty Sherman.

PETER: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!!??!!

GEORGE: Katty Sherman. What happens?

PETER: Oh, no… nothing, quiet.

GEORGE: Peter!! What happens!!

PETER: Well George, this girl was my friend. I went to school with her. She was the most beautiful girl in our course. But, one day, she died.

George changed the face immediately.

PETER: A dragon came into the village and we had to feed her with people, because there weren’t animals. And one day the dragon ate Katty.

Gorge didn’t speak.

PETER: Eh… perhaps is another Katty… perhaps I’m confused…

GEORGE: No!! It’s impossible!! There’s only one Katty in this village, or no?

PETER: Yes… this is a small town and everybody knows everybody…

George was disappointed, and he left.

He didn’t go to the dinner. Along the night, the pictures and the figures of George’s room started to fell dawn and the temperature changed continuously. He ran to the nightstand and picks up the mobile to rang his friend Peter.

PETER: George?

GEORGE: Peter I need your help!! I didn’t go to the dinner and many strange things are happening in my room. I think is Katty, she’s chasing me… she said me that she don’t forget the promises…

PETER: Hahaha!! George please…

The door opened.

GEORGE: The door just opened… and it was locked… please Peter, believe me.

PETER: OK, OK. I’m coming.

A hand touched George’s back.

GEORGE: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Peteeeeeeeeeeeeer! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

PETER: George! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The phone line was cut.